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Import-Export Joint Stock Company
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More than 19 years experience of import and export. With a staff of dynamic, creative, sensitive to new trends in the field of trade in domestic and international REXCO had good relations with customers, creating a reputation with local firms and foreign country. With the capability and capacity availability, REXCO have achieved the best business results, higher revenues year after year and always exceed the targets set in the year.


- The agricultural, forestry and fishery products, mineral products, handicrafts to countries HongKong, Sinngapore, Australia, Taiwan, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, ...


- The items of equipment provided to the Hospital, Health Offices, health centers, laboratories, ... of the country, has provided equipment such as ambulances, X-ray machines, internal soi, hematology machines, anesthesia machines with ventilators, machines immunoassay, color ultrasound machines measure blood oxygen levels, machines used in the operating room ECG, EEG machine 10 recording channels and 14 channels recorded, the heart pump automatic, scanners, universal operating table, surgical microscope, ... of the famous such as: Hewlett Packard, Siemens, Labline, Point Scientific, Hitachi, Nipon, Spacelabl, Statfax, AFP, Shin-EL in the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Australia, ... Our company has a team of experts assembled parts of machinery and equipment, instructions and warranty to the customer.

- The high-quality equipment for the laboratories and scientific research from the UK, Japan, France, Germany, ... room inspection, verification, such as visible spectroscopy, analytical balance, microscope, lighting systems, thermal analyzer, ..

- Steel and the steel has been provided for the major steel factories in and outside Vietnam.

- Other items for production, materials, chemicals, transport vehicles: trucks, motorcars, motorcycles, bicycles, ... machinery and specialized equipment: agriculture and fishery mechanical machines , excavators, bulldozers, cars bang, road rollers, forklifts, tipper, crane ... for the construction of traffic works, irrigation, electricity, civil ...

- Chemicals for the manufacturing industry: Hydrogen Peroxide, Xylene, DOP, Hydrosulfeti Sodium, Ammonium nitrate, chloride Calxium, Lithopone, Red Iron oxide, acetone, Magnesium choloride, silica gel, Parafine, Epoxy, Anhydric chromic, Lemon Chrome Yellow ... provide for the plants, large factories in countries such as textile mills, dyeing factories, paint factories, defense plants, plant engineering, plating, auto, factory production of materials construction, a tobacco factory and soap factories, large firms offer a variety of other important chemical quantities and great value.

- Consumer service life, such as fabric, yarn, simili, milk, candy, wine, fruit, ....

- The company has provided laboratory equipment and research for schools, laboratories, research institutions: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Education and Training, Department of Health, Ministry of Industry , Department of Defense, Ministry of Science and Technology and Environment, ... and has won a contract to supply other equipment Diffactometer X-Ray System, Auto Voltagar Regular, E-Mail Component, Air Dryer, Overhead Profection ... originating from the country's leading technology in the U.S, Japan, Germany, France, ... for the Project Management Step I National University of Hanoi with a total value of the project 4.000.000USD.

REXCO ensure credibility with customers with quality products of leading vendors: Siemens (Germany), Bi-o Rad (UK), jobin Yvon-spex (France), Jasco (Japan), Haminto (Japan), Hewlett Packard (USD) ....


- The company has entrusted import and export of many domestic and foreign units, a major importer of machinery, scientific instruments.

- Cooperate with foreign partners to organize seminars for scientific research, production, scientific advice, ...